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Cubase Elements 6, the smallest retail version of Steinberg’s award-winning Cubase music production software, is now available as a free trial version for download. Functionally identical with the retail version, the trial version will run on your system for 30 days, so there’s plenty of time to record audio, try out the powerful recording, editing and mixing tools as well as the included.

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Cubase 6 Setup Free Download

Cubase 6 Free

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Cubase 6 Pro

Cubase 6 offers some amazing new features to Steinbergs iconic DAW. This FREE First Look Tutorial-Video will show you many of Cubase 6s coolest new tools & abilities.In this Cubase 6 First Look tutorial, Matthew Loel T. Hepworth (macProVideo.coms Star Cubase Trainer) shows you all the awesome new audio features in Cubase 6. You’ll explore features like Multi-track Audio Quantization, Audio Tempo Detection, and Drum Replacement. Next, Matt demonstrates the many refinements that have been made to the LoopMash and Groove Agent plug-ins that allow them to work together seamlessly. Youll see & hear how the new plug-ins (like the VST Amp Rack guitar processor and HALion Sonic SE synthesizer workstation) work seamlessly with this incredible DAW to make pro sound. When it comes to the HALion Sonic SE synthesizer, you’ll get a solid exploration of the worlds first Note Expression compatible virtual instrument while getting a look into the future of MIDI with note-based continuous controllers like pitch bend and expression. Other chapters will go over 64-bit native mode, the new Comping feature, background grid adjustment, and Standard MIDI File and General MIDI operation.Whether youre upgrading from a previous version of Cubase or a new user looking to see what Cubase 6 offers, this ‘Cubase 6 First Look’ from is a must-have tutorial!Table of Contents:1. Introduction2. Multitrack Audio Quantize and Group Editing3. Drum Replacement4. Tempo Detection5. VST Amp Rack6. HALion Sonic SE and Standard MIDI Files7. Note Expression8. Loop Mash 2 and Groove Agent 1 — Part 19. Loop Mash 2 and Groove Agent 1 — Part 210. Background Grid

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